Prefabricated Cabin Retreat by Snøhetta


Prefabricated Gapahuk Cabin by Snøhetta
Architecture firm Snøhetta was designed Gapahuk Cabin, a prefab wooden cabin retreat designed for Rindalshytter, a Norwegian producer of leisure homes. Launched in April 2017, the cabin is designed to be adaptable to various locations and weather conditions.

Prefabricated Gapahuk Cabin by Snøhetta

Prefabricated Gapahuk Cabin by Snøhetta

Prefabricated Gapahuk Cabin by Snøhetta

Prefabricated Gapahuk Cabin by Snøhetta

Gapahuk Cabin by Snøhetta

“Combining tradition and innovation, Gapahuk is designed to be a readymade cabin that fits into nearly any scenery – whether it’s placed in the mountains, in the forest or by the sea. Focus has been put on designing a cabin that is flexible with regards to wind and sun conditions, and which can adapt to various terrains and environments.

Gapahuk is a social cabin. Its layout gives priority to the common areas. A spacious indoors living room and kitchen, as well as generous outdoor patios create spaces where people can spend time together. The cabin further holds three bedrooms, sanitary facilities and a storage space. These are kept more moderate in size, keeping the footprint of the cabin to a minimum. The compact building body is part of the building’s environmental strategy, as it makes it easy to heat up.

The name of the cabin, Gapahuk, is a Norwegian word for a simple wooden structure with two or three walls and a roof. It’s often made to create shelter from rough weather conditions. Drawing inspiration from the traditional gapahuk, the cabin is shaped with the aim of adapting to the many varying weather conditions. The twisting roof creates a two-way gapahuk which gives protection from wind and sun. The angled roof surfaces can be used for energy production by placing solar panels on them, making it possible to have a cabin off the grid.”

Photography courtesy of Snøhetta

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