Balcony Furniture Design Ideas


Balcony Design Ideas with Modern Furniture
When designing this modern balcony of The William Vale, a new hotel in Brooklyn, New York, Studio Munge made sure to include luxurious touches throughout with modern furniture a long outdoor dining area to provides comfortable seating for a large dinner party and lets everyone enjoy the expansive, panoramic views of the city.

Balcony Design Ideas with Modern Furniture
The balcony includes an elevated seating area with a feature wall made from wood panels and patches of plants to add texture and warmth to the space. A white and grey outdoor lounge provides comfortable seating, while unique outdoor light fixtures create the perfect atmosphere for casual entertaining.

The balcony also features an open air hot tub surrounded by hardwood that overlooks the city below. A built-in planter next to the hot tub creates a more natural feel in the space despite the fact that it’s located a number of stories above a bustling part of the city.
Balcony Design Ideas with Modern Furniture
Photography by Maxime Bocken

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Source: contemporist


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